CATIA – which stands for Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application – is the most powerful and widely used CAD (computer-aided design) software of its kind in the world. CATIA is owned/developed by Dassault Systems of France and until 2010, was marketed worldwide by IBM. Aspiring engineers are now seeking a CATIA training course from one of the best CATIA training centers in Bangalore.
Importance of pursuing CATIA courses in Bangalore
Bangalore is the IT hub of India and any new development in software is sure to hit the metro first. When it comes to engineering, it enables the rapid development of high quality mechanical products. It empowers engineers to do digital prototyping, digital analysis and simulation to understand the quality and performance of product designs early in the product development phase.
CATIA lets users to design shapes and reach high levels of surface sophistication with its 3D sketching, visualization features. With CATIA product developers can take an integrated systems engineering approach. They can do requirements engineering, system architecture definition, detailed modeling and simulation to manage the complex development process. Hence, CATIA training institute in Bangalore are most sought after today!
Popularity of the software – worldwide! CATIA is used throughout the North American and European continents, as well as Australia. Wherever companies are engaged in the design and/or manufacture of products of any kind, CATIA can usually be found. Many CATIA operators travel throughout the US and abroad on so-called “paid” vacations by accepting CATIA design positions in whichever area of the country or world they wish to visit.