About :
Primavera Systems, Inc was a private company providing Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software to help project-intensive organizations identify, prioritize, and select project investments and plan, manage, and control projects and project portfolios of all sizes. On January 1, 2009 Oracle Corporation took legal ownership of Primavera.
Why Primavera Software?
Representing a comprehensive set of enterprise project portfolio management solutions, Primavera can help businesses pick strategically right projects, and take better project management decisions.

Primavera Systems Inc. provides project and program management software for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry. Focused on project portfolio management, or PPM, Primavera’s solutions lets users measure progress, assure governance, improve team collaboration and prioritize project investments and resources.
Importance of Primavera Training Course
Primavera packages are widely used in a number of industries – aerospace and defence, automotive, engineering and construction, financial services, healthcare, oil and gas industries. Industries look for employing certified professionals and experts to implement and upgrade various Primavera tools, implement change management components; manage, coordinate and monitor technology projects from initiation through delivery and closeout using Primavera. Sound Primavera knowledge and skills are crucial not only for project managers, but also for architects, engineers, analysts, consultants, developers, among others.